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The First Month Postpartum

The first month is the  toughest Month from bringing your baby home.
Not only are you emotional, your physically healing. Your body has just performed an amazing task. Forming a human, Opening and closing, now resetting.

The First month is the toughest month.

post partum 2As I walked around like a zombie. I had nothing together. All I could think about was feeding the baby. Food, Food, Food, that was the subject life revolved around. Of course, assure the baby is ok and comfortable. I literally could not sleep. I took cat naps, 2 hours here, an hour there, but my mind was awake. One slight movement from My son and my eyes were WIDE OPEN. Touching him, checking his temperature, re tucking him in his blanket, making sure he wasn’t hungry.

Breastfeeding is no joke. It is a full time job, especially during this month.

This was my first time nursing, with my first son, I did not.





Ahh is what I felt.

The Joyful hadn’t really kicked in.

I was scared, yet in love, somewhat confident, but insecure because of the 14 year gap of having Musaee, from Anthony.  Having a lack of remembering: although I had mothers instinct, I was swaying in confidence from day to day, with each moment and growth milestone.

I had some days of uncontrollable cry’s. I couldn’t stop it, Musaee’s dad tried his hardest to help me, but he wasn’t’ fully sure how.He would say ” what will make you feel better?” I honestly didn’t know and  I didn’t even know why I was crying! This was a common symptom called PPD, that I later found out. Which was why I had experienced  all those roller-coaster emotions.

My baby was gaining weight, he was developing as he should!

My tiny baby was a good latcher, and a good eater, BUT he spit up so much, that it had me worried. Possibly I thought, My breast-milk was not agreeing with him. So, I took him in to the Doctor and found out he had Acid Reflux. Things got a bit more complicated, as he was put on medication. I had to customize my diet, to rid of acidic foods that could spark up more acid in his little tummy. Watch him extra closely at night, because he laid on his back and the spit up could come at anytime. My fear was his coughing in it, so my sleep got further away from me, once this was discovered.


During this month, we also relocated as well from Los angeles to about an hour away back to our hometown. Like the saying says, it takes a village to raise a child and that is the truth!

Any help during the first month is a blessing!

I survived, However, this first month is the most nerve wrecking,  life shocking, readjusting and unstable month after having your child. Especially for first time moms.

Thank you for taking the time to read my first month postpartum, with musaee. My personal Ahh joyful journey.

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Pregnant Nutrition

Wic a Women Infant Children Program

My first time back after having my First Son, was like a re-familiarizing myself with the benefits but now,  I was more interested in really paying attention to the Tips and Nutritional Guides given.

So, there are Many of us out there that may be using WIC, but haven’t publicized the extra help. Some May be too Proud and Some May truly enjoy the Benefits. I happen to be one that likes the program and What it stands for and offers Women. Pretty much any Pregnant Woman can get  the benefits that WIC offers.

So What is exactly is WIC?

WIC is a Supplemental Nutrition Program  for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) that Federal grants to States for supplemental foods, health care referrals, and nutrition education for  pregnant, breastfeeding, and non-breastfeeding postpartum women, and to infants and children up to age five who are found to be at nutritional risk.

baby inside

The Benefits one can gain are:

  • Supplemental nutritious foods
  • Nutrition education and counseling at WIC clinics or online.
  • Screening and referrals to other health services.

So I’m sure you’ve been Grocery shopping  and have seen a Sign like the one below, next to some of the food:

wic signThis means it is apart of the WIC program of Authorized Food.

Wouldn’t it be great if you were given a nice amount of extra benefits to get any kind of food you wanted? YES !! However, the best part about WIC in my opinion is  they teach Nutrition and try to help you be as healthy as possible.  So No, running to grab  too much fast food, or to cook not the healthiest of   meals.

WIC assures that  you will be able to purchase and have all the most important areas of Nutrition that you need for health. wic nutrition

WIC foods include infant cereal, iron-fortified adult cereal, vitamin C-rich fruit or vegetable juice, eggs, milk, cheese, peanut butter, dried and canned beans/peas, and canned fish. Soy-based beverages, tofu, fruits and vegetables, baby foods, whole-wheat bread, and other whole-grain options  as well as a few other that were recently added to better meet the nutritional needs of WIC participants.


Before getting Pregnant this time, I was as healthy as I could be, but of course I would slip and not care as much as now , subconsciously thinking of my baby inside of me, and my responsibility of helping develop strength and health ! 🙂

At My very First WIC appointment, I had to fill out a form and survey, giving my information on how I currently ate and give feedback of the choices of food I would be most interested in. This is how your program nutritionist chooses the proper program for you. One program choice could be soy milk and  tofu and another regular 1% milk and cheese.

Then I was taken in a room for Orientation, where they read My rights, taught about the program, their mission, what they offer, how to use the program and what I can expect.

wic rights formwic program

They showed  a copy of the checks that are given, to show at the time of purchase.

wic check.jpg

Which in several states and different parts of CA, they don’t give checks, they give you debit cards to access your benefits, it just depends, but the area of Ventura County checks are offered. Slowly they will evolve to offer the cards instead of checks. All States will  have to within the next coming years.

It is a really good program and for those that need a little bit of assistance to help stay on track with nutrition, it is excellent for you. Seek out the program in your local area.

Here is a number to contact to set up your appointment with WIC for

California 1-888-942-9675

If you are from another states, you can google WIC and your local area, some contact information will come up.


wic nutrion.jpg

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