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Fully Enjoying the Journey


So because I am a Business owner, have taken pride in my outfits, accessories, hair styles and the way I do my makeup in the past or should I say, just to post a picture on social media.

I  haven’t really shown the real and raw version of how I normally spend most of my days as an entrepreneur. Which consists of workout clothes and really not getting dressed for half of the day. Mainly due to  the enjoyment of having that option, being a homebody and  due to the multiple tasks that need to be done on the internet. I can spend hours accomplishing things on the computer, which really can appear like I am not doing much, but boy oh boy am I really setting the future.

I’m sure speculations have gone up out of this world, now revealing a new raw side of me without all the glitz and glam

Yes I am pregnant, yes I am HAPPY and yes I  still take pride in my appearance.  BUT, I am enjoying my natural beauty and the fact that I don’t need to get dressed up like a fashion show every single day!

Whether you are a Mommy already, full-time employee, or business owner, you can’t say you don’t enjoy some days where you don’t need to be dressed and can just enjoy you, in your natural form.

This is a subject that one can relate with or not, however I do know that there is enjoyment of working in your pjs, or running errands in workout clothes.

Being pregnant, you lack more energy that you would have when you are not.

I won’t say that is an excuse, but I will say personally some days I just want to leave on that t-shirt, yoga pants and flip flops and not even think of getting ready for the day. All while accomplishing all the things I need to.

Ahh the joy in the journey.

Here are some raw versions of how I spend about 3-5 days out of the week and completely enjoy it!


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It’s a blessing, Not a Lesson.

Being pregnant is the most beautiful times. Your creating a little person, you are manifesting what you desire inside of you.
Some women are overly emotional, but can’t control the crazy that can occur, some girls are too young and are not in good situation they had no business having sex.
But in reality if you are over 21, you get pregnant, you are of age enough to move you and believe Gods blessing you and it’s not a mistake or lesson.
Selfish emotion is Easy, but its not right.
As lightly as it’s taken, having a baby is beautiful, sacred, harmonious, lovely, amazing and a blessing.
blessing not a lesson
11 weeks pregnant, little baby bump.
I feel so blessed.
Renetta Artmont

First Doctors appointment – Experience

April 5th, 2016 after 14 years, I walked into the Medical Office, with a feeling of nervousness, excitement and exploration.

I wasn’t sure what was what any 1.jpg
I walked up to the appointment desk and checked in. As my partner and I waited in the waiting room with anticipation of what was our “First Doctor’s appointment” going to be like. How is the Doctor, I wonder if shes nice.
So many things running through both of our minds.
I hear my name, or close to it.
“REentta Armon”
 Of course I knew that they were calling me, even though my name was mispronounced. .. It usually is. lol
We walked inside the “back office” area. I was greeted by a nice assistant. She took my weight and did my height. To my pleasant surprise not that bad, but my height was a bit of a shock, I thought I was taller.
Walking on, to our cozy little appointment room.
It looked very similar to a hospital so instantly I got a bit uneasy.
Not that I don’t like the hospital, but it surely brings back not so good memories.
My blood pressure was taken, temperature and then she went over the protocol for the first appointment.
I needed to get undressed and cultures needed to be taken.
Embarrassing with your partner right there with you legs spread open.
docs 2.jpg
So of course he left the room for my comfort.
My doctor was so kind, pleasant and was able to answer all my concerns.
Because this is my second pregnancy and my first pregnancy and health of my first child was not in the greatest condition, they would be taking extra precautions.
I was asked to pee more than once and got blood drawn of 7 tubes. Although I don’t mind the extra precautions, I’m nervous but

docs 4.jpg

yet so thrilled, regardless.
docs 3.jpg
Here is to 8 more months of new and exciting thrill, however with fingers crossed and prayers up, most importantly a healthy pregnancy and child.
Renetta Artmont