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The First Month Postpartum

The first month is the  toughest Month from bringing your baby home.
Not only are you emotional, your physically healing. Your body has just performed an amazing task. Forming a human, Opening and closing, now resetting.

The First month is the toughest month.

post partum 2As I walked around like a zombie. I had nothing together. All I could think about was feeding the baby. Food, Food, Food, that was the subject life revolved around. Of course, assure the baby is ok and comfortable. I literally could not sleep. I took cat naps, 2 hours here, an hour there, but my mind was awake. One slight movement from My son and my eyes were WIDE OPEN. Touching him, checking his temperature, re tucking him in his blanket, making sure he wasn’t hungry.

Breastfeeding is no joke. It is a full time job, especially during this month.

This was my first time nursing, with my first son, I did not.





Ahh is what I felt.

The Joyful hadn’t really kicked in.

I was scared, yet in love, somewhat confident, but insecure because of the 14 year gap of having Musaee, from Anthony.  Having a lack of remembering: although I had mothers instinct, I was swaying in confidence from day to day, with each moment and growth milestone.

I had some days of uncontrollable cry’s. I couldn’t stop it, Musaee’s dad tried his hardest to help me, but he wasn’t’ fully sure how.He would say ” what will make you feel better?” I honestly didn’t know and  I didn’t even know why I was crying! This was a common symptom called PPD, that I later found out. Which was why I had experienced  all those roller-coaster emotions.

My baby was gaining weight, he was developing as he should!

My tiny baby was a good latcher, and a good eater, BUT he spit up so much, that it had me worried. Possibly I thought, My breast-milk was not agreeing with him. So, I took him in to the Doctor and found out he had Acid Reflux. Things got a bit more complicated, as he was put on medication. I had to customize my diet, to rid of acidic foods that could spark up more acid in his little tummy. Watch him extra closely at night, because he laid on his back and the spit up could come at anytime. My fear was his coughing in it, so my sleep got further away from me, once this was discovered.


During this month, we also relocated as well from Los angeles to about an hour away back to our hometown. Like the saying says, it takes a village to raise a child and that is the truth!

Any help during the first month is a blessing!

I survived, However, this first month is the most nerve wrecking,  life shocking, readjusting and unstable month after having your child. Especially for first time moms.

Thank you for taking the time to read my first month postpartum, with musaee. My personal Ahh joyful journey.

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0-3 Months

Leaving the Hospital after birth

o months


I just had my baby!

New Mom, 2nd time, third or so forth.The feeling is irreplaceable. Such a gifted moment!

As I woke up in complete shock, yet humbled  with gratitude, OMG  I’m a Mother again.

This precious baby is mine!!?


Photo shoot day after having Musaee, my 2nd son.


So many emotions were running through my mind. But all overpowering with an overwhelm of love!

Musaee unlike his brother only kept me in Labor for 6 hours and 3 pushes. 23 hours for my first.The moment I held my little man, my whole world shifted. The Me now, We plus he.

Blessed, nothing more I could say.


Musaee Mykhal Mcgee

6 pounds 8 oz and 19 1/2 inches


Breastfeeding was new, adjusting was challenging, but I wanted the best nutritional benefits for him.  Re-learning, his sleeping and feeding schedule, the proper way to breastfeed, the proper nutrition for myself. Needless to say and for a whole other article breastfeeding is a skill, that many are misinformed about.

5 pounds, 12 oz, Musaee was the last day at the hospital. Scared Yes, but determined to keep breastfeeding I was!

Leaving St. Joseph Hospital, in Burbank, CA on 11-20-16.I was sweep with many emotions. It was 14 years since having a child. I basically had to learn all over the world of Newborn and being a Mom.  However, I was ready nonetheless.  I was ready to take on the new found life  and role. Besides having to adjust the car seat for a few minutes, we were on our way, with our precious cargo, to face the world with this new found love and life. We took a quick pit stop at Walmart, ( a families most visited store). Musaee and I stayed in the car.

Then it hit me, woah girl your a mother, you are responsible for this baby, despite your life state right now. Emotions I didn’t even know I had came from all over. I wanted the best for my baby, the very best!

I didn’t realize right away, these emotions were normal for mothers after birthing a child.

Arriving at our Home, in Van Nuys, CA at the time. We got upstairs, settled, yet the emotions hadn’t subsided yet.

Musaee Mykhal Mcgee, My new Inspiration.

How did you feel when your first brought your baby home?

Share in the comments below.


Renetta Artmont

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