Why you should invest in Bitcoin

💲The Evolution of Money – RE: Bitcoin 😲

I’m writing this post in November 2017. And here are just some of the headlines I’m reading today…

👉 “Buy Bitcoin’ Overtakes ‘Buy Gold’ as Online Search Phrase” (Bloomberg)

👉 “Gold Versus Bitcoin: Which Should You Buy?” (Nasdaq)

👉 “Gold and Bitcoin Both Challenge Fiat Currency’s Dominance” (Cambridge House International)

👉 “Hedge Funds Push the Price of Bitcoin to New Highs” (New York Times)

And at the moment of me writing this, the price for Bitcoin is at…


That’s up from $4,552.60 on this day LAST MONTH.

Yes, really!

When you do the math – Bitcoin has increased in value by 55.30% in just a month!

And in the past year – it’s up from $700.30!

That’s a MIND-BOGGLING 897.69% increase in 12 months!

And this my friend, is where I believe money is going – all digital.

Because every single BOOM in history has followed this pattern…

📈 The stock market

🌐 The tech boom

🏡 The housing boom

💲 And now Bitcoin (along with a handful of other cryptocurrencies)

Why is this happening?

Well, a few reasons:

👉 The USD is dead – it’s backed by nothing.

👉 Corruption & human error are rampant in currencies all over the world.

👉 Governments and nations and bureaucrats control money.

In stark contrast – Bitcoin:

💲 Is unhackable. The main thing “backing it” is that it’s safe, stable & available globally.

💲 Is not prone to human error. No need for a banker or middle-man to buy, sell, or trade it.

💲 Is in the hands of the people (for the time being). No government or nation owns it.

So what’s the point here?

The point is this – if you want to invest in something trendy, look at Bitcoin. It’s climbing higher and higher despite what the critics say. In fact, many people are predicting 5-digit Bitcoin early next year (2018).

We’ll see.

But like any investment, there’s a risk.

I don’t think being ‘trendy’ is a good enough reason to invest, though it might be a good reason to get educated and learn more about it.

I CAN tell you gold will be around in 20 years. I can’t say the same about Bitcoin or even the dollar.

There are zero guarantees.

You could win big or, you could lose big.

And while Bitcoin could be a great investment, it’s not the main thing I ALWAYS recommend.

My #1 recommendation is still Education. 🎓

Followed closely by investing in Real Estate. But again, there’s still a risk with that. You have to buy and sell right, or you could lose everything.

Then there’s gold, silver, and stocks.

First off, if you’re investing in the stock market, you need to be aware that it’s a bubble waiting to burst (some say that Bitcoin is too – I don’t but only time will tell).

Secondly, gold and silver are fine, but they aren’t going to produce a lot of value for you quickly. They’re good to own, but they’re likely not going to make you rich.

So, the safest bet?

It’s this – Entrepreneurship.

Here’s why…

…as an entrepreneur, you control the outcome and earning potential.

Bitcoin, gold, silver, and stocks can all go away in an instant. And you’d have no say in it. That’s because you don’t control them.

You can make a good ROI *from them*, but again, it’s ultimately not up to you.

You just watch and react.

But as an entrepreneur – you get to choose your own ending.

Because you’re steering the ship!

And becoming an entrepreneur (as opposed to an employee or business owner) is the best bet you can make.

Because you’re betting on yourself.

And succeeding as an entrepreneur is in your own best interest!


How or WHERE do you start?

Here’s one way to do it – learn how from someone who’s in.

Again, this is a business you control.

You call the shots – not a boss, bureaucrat, or government.

If you want to get ahead financially, this is one way I highly recommend to do it.

So while Bitcoin looks very promising, becoming an entrepreneur is even more appealing because the only thing that’s keeping you from succeeding – is you

There’s never been a better time to become an entrepreneur!

All you have to do – is take action!/https://angelmoney.usitech-int.com/

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Work From Home Job Ideas

Start brainstorming about your work from home job.

Many working moms long for jobs that can be done from home. Imagine a ten second commute into your home office where you could work, make money and be near your children. Home based jobs allow you to spend more time with your children. Many of the best home jobs for moms also allow mothers to have flexible schedules whereby they can adjust their work routine to accommodate their children’s school needs and extracurricular activities.

Not sure what you can do from home to make a living? How can you find a job you can do from home?

While we all can’t be writers or bakers, keep in mind that you can use one of these popular home-based jobs as a starting point to create the unique job that will suit your lifestyle and financial needs.

Service Jobs

work from home

Whether you can plan a wedding for 200 people or provide tech help for computer dummies, service jobs make the best home jobs for moms and often accommodate a flexible schedule. If you decide to provide a service, choose one in which you have great interest and are equipped to perform. So don’t start a computer repair business if you’ve never fixed a computer before. And if you burn box cakes, don’t try to run a custom bake shop from your home.

If you’re not sure what service you can provide, make a list of the things you do well, then try to convert these strong points into the best business you can operate from your home.

For example, if you formerly worked in public relations and always enjoyed writing, launch a freelance press release writing business from your home. Research the competition, set your rate and network, if possible, in the industry you choose.

Research what you stand to earn per week, month and year in your service-oriented business before you launch it.

In addition, hairdressers and manicurists who used to work in salons, but want a more flexible schedule, can designate two or three days per week to service clients in their homes. It’s best to designate a specific area of your home for these services so as not to have people roaming throughout your house or apartment.

Sales Jobs

From a cosmetic representative to a gift basket designer, there are many sales oriented jobs that can be both profitable and easy to for moms to do from home. If you are unsure about the type of sales job that will work best for you, try to find something you’ll enjoy selling.

If you’re not familiar with the sales business you’d like to launch from home, try to identify a niche. Seek out a product that is in demand in your area. You can research online the types of sales jobs that net the biggest profits. It’s also wise to research how you’ll be able to ship products, and you’ll need to learn the most efficient way to do so. There also are sales jobs that offer products, like insurance policies, that can be sold from home. Many companies will allow representatives to work from home.


Creative Jobs

If you have a knack for taking photos, think about launching a freelance photography career.

You can set up a studio in your home, and take photos of everyone from newborns to prom queens from your home studio.

If you were formerly a journalist, think about launching a freelance writing career from home. Many magazines, websites, and newspapers use freelance writers to provide most of the copy in these publications.

Advertising copy witting is another form of writing that can be done at home. In fact, the more versatile you are in a creative career, the more work you will likely obtain. So if you can write everything from press releases to full-length magazine articles, then you’ll be able to seek a full or part-time job as a writer from home.

Online Jobs

If you want to launch an online business, think of a service or products you can offer online. This can be everything from a life coach or wedding planner to a custom cookie maker.

You can broaden your market and buying audience by launching an online business. You can attract many more clients by having a website that markets the products or services you sell.


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The Difference between Facebook Stories and Facebook “Day”

Many people don’t even know these functions exist.

However, there is a awesome feature that contains your posts, (not a regular timeline post) that you can choose from your camera roll.

Just click the little camera icon in the Top Left Corner on your Facebook News feed, which will open the option to create a story.

There is another called “your day” which you can use through messenger.

The Story will play for 24 hours.

The Day for 12 hours.

It Won’t stay on your Timeline or in your photo album on Facebook.c

If you are familiar with the Partner Company, The Story on Facebook is similar to The Instagram Feature “My Story.”

Facebook St

To Start a Facebook Story:

  1. Go to your News feed

2. Click the little Camera, where the first arrow is.

3. Then it will open to:


Where you can take a photo, video, post a picture from your camera roll.

And or use a awesome filter!


Next. Facebook “My Day”


Facebook -My Day-


  1. Go to your messages or messenger on your smartphone Facebook app.
  2. Click: Add to your Day.
  3. Same apply, you can upload from your camera roll, write on your picture and cool automatic text fonts and borders will show up.


Those are the difference between Facebook “Your Story” and Facebook “My Day”

I hope you find these tips helpful and start using the fun and excellent Features.



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3 Tips to Prevent Inquiry When Losing Weight

One thing that may come to mind, especially if you have had a previous injury is , how can I prevent injury or progressing  with a current injury while losing weight or building your body.With some simple Small steps you can reduce the risk of injuries , decrease the up and down movement of the body and lesson the amount of energy absorbed at the hip, knees and ankles.
If a person is overweight by more than 80 pounds, please take these Pre-cautions more serious and  you can benefit tremendously by applying these steps.

Avoid Injuries on your Weight Lost or Body Building JourneyStep One:

Make Small Changes!

Yes to jump in and cut the weight and muscles sounds like it is the way to get going and get to your best body. However, jumping into it is a high risk for getting injured. As your body has to adjust and  is still getting accustomed to the new muscles being used. Especially if you are not a regular exerciser or have not been a sports or active person in the past. And/or have put on tons of  weight like 50 + weight gain from being pregnant or possibly going through a depression where you lost control.

Don’t just jump into it. Listen to your body, work on on your mindset   and work your way up to beast mode.

Research shows that people who make small, Permanent changes in their food choices and physical activity each week lose significantly more belly fat and reduce the risk for injuries, over those who simply diet and or just work out.

This is because small changes lead to healthy behaviors that last.

Step 2:


did you stretch today

It’s easy to forget to stretch. It’s often overlooked because the results are not as visible as lifting, running, boxing and squatting or so you thought.

Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy, and we need that flexibility to maintain a range of motion in the joints. Without it, the muscles shorten and become tight. This is what causes an injury.

Not only can stretching reduce injury, but it can help your posture, help send oxygen to the brain helping you think clearer. It helps you body feel good, because of the circulation and better blood flow.

Stretching also, loosens up the joints, creating a leaner physique!

Lastly, if applied to your life

Step Three:

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Numerous studies have shown that when people are better rested, they are less likely to get injured from physical fitness and they are less likely to gain unwanted weight. A Canadian study found that people who averaged 7 to 8 h ours of sleep a night were 35 percent less likely to gain more than 10 pounds than those that only slept 5 to 6 hours a night. The sleepy heads also had nearly 60 percent more fat around their middle.

Don’t Believe the Hype if you sleep less you are a better hustler or doing something better than those that get a good 7 hour night sleep.

You need proper rest to restore and align your mind body and spirit.

Don’t skip regular sleeping well !

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The First Month Postpartum

The first month is the  toughest Month from bringing your baby home.
Not only are you emotional, your physically healing. Your body has just performed an amazing task. Forming a human, Opening and closing, now resetting.

The First month is the toughest month.

post partum 2As I walked around like a zombie. I had nothing together. All I could think about was feeding the baby. Food, Food, Food, that was the subject life revolved around. Of course, assure the baby is ok and comfortable. I literally could not sleep. I took cat naps, 2 hours here, an hour there, but my mind was awake. One slight movement from My son and my eyes were WIDE OPEN. Touching him, checking his temperature, re tucking him in his blanket, making sure he wasn’t hungry.

Breastfeeding is no joke. It is a full time job, especially during this month.

This was my first time nursing, with my first son, I did not.





Ahh is what I felt.

The Joyful hadn’t really kicked in.

I was scared, yet in love, somewhat confident, but insecure because of the 14 year gap of having Musaee, from Anthony.  Having a lack of remembering: although I had mothers instinct, I was swaying in confidence from day to day, with each moment and growth milestone.

I had some days of uncontrollable cry’s. I couldn’t stop it, Musaee’s dad tried his hardest to help me, but he wasn’t’ fully sure how.He would say ” what will make you feel better?” I honestly didn’t know and  I didn’t even know why I was crying! This was a common symptom called PPD, that I later found out. Which was why I had experienced  all those roller-coaster emotions.

My baby was gaining weight, he was developing as he should!

My tiny baby was a good latcher, and a good eater, BUT he spit up so much, that it had me worried. Possibly I thought, My breast-milk was not agreeing with him. So, I took him in to the Doctor and found out he had Acid Reflux. Things got a bit more complicated, as he was put on medication. I had to customize my diet, to rid of acidic foods that could spark up more acid in his little tummy. Watch him extra closely at night, because he laid on his back and the spit up could come at anytime. My fear was his coughing in it, so my sleep got further away from me, once this was discovered.


During this month, we also relocated as well from Los angeles to about an hour away back to our hometown. Like the saying says, it takes a village to raise a child and that is the truth!

Any help during the first month is a blessing!

I survived, However, this first month is the most nerve wrecking,  life shocking, readjusting and unstable month after having your child. Especially for first time moms.

Thank you for taking the time to read my first month postpartum, with musaee. My personal Ahh joyful journey.

To share in your own personal ahh joyful journey. Get on our list, for the release of a Community of Parents that you can relate with!





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Fully Enjoying the Journey


So because I am a Business owner, have taken pride in my outfits, accessories, hair styles and the way I do my makeup in the past or should I say, just to post a picture on social media.

I  haven’t really shown the real and raw version of how I normally spend most of my days as an entrepreneur. Which consists of workout clothes and really not getting dressed for half of the day. Mainly due to  the enjoyment of having that option, being a homebody and  due to the multiple tasks that need to be done on the internet. I can spend hours accomplishing things on the computer, which really can appear like I am not doing much, but boy oh boy am I really setting the future.

I’m sure speculations have gone up out of this world, now revealing a new raw side of me without all the glitz and glam

Yes I am pregnant, yes I am HAPPY and yes I  still take pride in my appearance.  BUT, I am enjoying my natural beauty and the fact that I don’t need to get dressed up like a fashion show every single day!

Whether you are a Mommy already, full-time employee, or business owner, you can’t say you don’t enjoy some days where you don’t need to be dressed and can just enjoy you, in your natural form.

This is a subject that one can relate with or not, however I do know that there is enjoyment of working in your pjs, or running errands in workout clothes.

Being pregnant, you lack more energy that you would have when you are not.

I won’t say that is an excuse, but I will say personally some days I just want to leave on that t-shirt, yoga pants and flip flops and not even think of getting ready for the day. All while accomplishing all the things I need to.

Ahh the joy in the journey.

Here are some raw versions of how I spend about 3-5 days out of the week and completely enjoy it!


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Modern Day Pregnancy Views

“16 and Pregnant?????” 

Media like this is truly detrimental to our society. In my honest opinion, I can’t stand tv shows, marketing and exposure of promoting to young people, what is truly not ok.

Why  are programs like 16 and pregnant socially acceptable, why is this allowed to be promoted to our teenagers, which are actually still children! Regardless of how they look, or carry their selves, or even think they know what they truly want in life, they aren’t fully developed into adults. 

For some that know a bit about my story, they may think I sound a bit hypocritical.  Yes I was 16 years old when I had my first son, but the difference was I did not think it was socially acceptable nor did I have the desire to want a child at such a young age. I did not think 16 and pregnant was a pretty picture or a shot at being famous. I was a child, living with my parents, playing sports in high school, in 10th grade, into fashion and friends.

Ok so yes I did have sex, but no I was not regularly sexual active, nor was that the priority on my mind. I was exploring my body, like most teenagers. There is no excuse but I think you can distinguish the differences of a”opps” from losing virginity and I really want a baby because they are so cute.

beach life me and pop Because I had no knowledge of my teenage body or the changes that would occur during pregnancy, I didn’t become aware of my pregnancy until I was ending my 2nd trimester and headed into my 3rd. So again, a very rare and miracle type of situation and Chapter in my life.

Today our 16 year olds look like they are 21 years old. However, if you think of who their parents are, which are mostly people in their early to mid 30s. So just imagine the image “Kids raising Kids.” Young parents are even asking for grand-babies and find their-selves grandparents before 40, mind blowing isn’t it?

A Movie I was recently watching, struck my nerve and confirmed further my strong disagreement toward the worlds views on this matter.

A teenager played a role and said to some older men ” Let’s party some babies into us.” Really?? Wow!

This is acceptable Today?

This is humor Today?

This is the World today and honestly I DO NOT Agree, won’t, can’t and will not get on board with what is socially acceptable.

Especially in the  targeted  young viewers for the Leading focused Media & Entertainment Industry.

Ultimately this can  manifestation of these young peoples reality. No No NO.

change the world not diapers.PNG

What happened to Childish worries,  What Extracurricular Activity you are Signing up for? What your home-girl(s)  are doing over the weekend?, What college You want to attend?, or new skill you want to develop?

What happened to Discovery of self  becoming into a Woman? .. Before bringing life into the world?  Now I can’t Say that these young girls are non-existent, however I am saying its far and wide.

I can’t remember anyone just walking around  my age with a child. If they had one no one knew or they moved away.  I feel that to many  especially young girls follow the crowd in the awkward  teenage stage. However that is why us Parents, have to develop Leaders, not Followers, although you may have to love a Follower. You also need to be sure you as a parent do your part. 🙂

I have had many instances and occurrences of making general conversation with young girls.

I’m more or less completely shocked at some of the things that come our of their mouth so boldly and without much care. I believe Social Media and the Convenience – Rich Fame Baby is a Trend Generation has a huge impact on why the younger generation is so sexually driven.

Sadly too many lacking goals and direction! Too Many Lack the proper guidance or parenting as well. But that is a very touchy subject, so lets back out of that. 🙂

Experts and statistics  prove result of our teenagers ( 16-19 years old.)

Fame is desire more than Academic Achievement, exploring Feelings of Pleasure are higher on their Priority  list, than having discovery of something new.

I could really go on and on, but I’ll  stop there.

If this post reaches, just one young person thinking a child is their best option in life.

I hope this post can help Change your Decision.

young girl crowned.jpg

Young Girls, You are Innocent  and Beautiful and you have a Whole Life of

Infinite Possibilities !

Having a Baby is not a achievement at your age. The likelihood of  being a Single Mother is high and honestly is not fun, nor will it build your self-esteem.

Not fun, nor do you deserve, even the possibility of having to experience Parenting and Motherhood without the Father actively in the Child’s life.

The experts have done Testing and the Statistics are 93% of Young Couples of 16 years old Do NOT get married nor do they stay together long, after getting pregnant!

Don’t worry about what you don’t have to worry about.

Go seek your Dreams, Find Who you are, Who God intended you to me. Explore Life. Discover Yourself. Don’t rush into a Life you Won’t Truly be happy or fully satisfied with with in the end. Although, babies are very cute and can be fun and surround you in love.  They also are a huge responsibility that you truly should not be ready for.

Go to College, Travel the World, do some interesting intern work, create something.

Give that special one Time to find You that Agrees to Career  or Experience of Life, a better priority then later  build a family Together like You Deserve.

God’s Best for you Life.

Don’t cheat yourself or forget that.


Renetta Artmont

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It’s a blessing, Not a Lesson.

Being pregnant is the most beautiful times. Your creating a little person, you are manifesting what you desire inside of you.
Some women are overly emotional, but can’t control the crazy that can occur, some girls are too young and are not in good situation they had no business having sex.
But in reality if you are over 21, you get pregnant, you are of age enough to move you and believe Gods blessing you and it’s not a mistake or lesson.
Selfish emotion is Easy, but its not right.
As lightly as it’s taken, having a baby is beautiful, sacred, harmonious, lovely, amazing and a blessing.
blessing not a lesson
11 weeks pregnant, little baby bump.
I feel so blessed.
Renetta Artmont

What is Prenatal Care?

Before becoming pregnant, you may have adopted good health habits to prepare, if you baby was planned. But if you didn’t start today.

One of the first steps is learn how to take care of yourself.

See your health care provider as soon as you think you may be pregnant.

Then continue your prenatal care throughout your pregnancy. Your health care provider will guide you and your partner through the pregnancy.healthy

During Prenatal care:

  • Your health care provider assesses the health of your pregnancy. Your doctor will calculate a “due date” between 38-41 weeks of pregnancy. Your due date is determined by counting 40 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period.
  •  The progress of your pregnancy is checked. This includes your baby’s growth, changes in your weight and blood pressure, and your overall health and comfort.
  • Your health care provider may find new concerns and manage existing ones before problem occur.

When you are pregnant you’re a part of a team that includes you, your baby and your health care provider. Along with additional if they are around: the partner, your family and friends. As your work toward giving your baby a healthy start, relay on your team members for support.

What matters most is protecting your baby from this moment on.

IF you smoke, drink alcohol, or use drugs, now is the time to stop.

If you need help contact your health care provider.

Think about your being growing inside of you.

There is more to live for!

prenatal pills.jpg


Renetta Artmont

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Take Prenatal Vitamins and Minerals

Prenatal vitamins help you and your baby grow and stay healthy, but you have to be careful when using them as well as take a good quality well brand.
 baby inside
Taking Prenatal vitamins and minerals safely:
– Use Prenatal vitamins and minerals that are 100% of the U.S RDA
The U.S. RDA is Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA), the daily dietary intake level of a nutrient considered sufficient by the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine to meet the requirements of 97.5% of healthy individuals in each life-stage and sex group. The definition implies that the intake level would cause a harmful nutrient deficiency in just 2.5%. It is calculated based on the EAR and is usually approximately 20% higher than the EAR. ( from wikipedia)
– Take only one table a day if you take more it can be harmful to you
    and your growing baby.
 – Take your prenatal pill with water or juice. Do not take with milk, cheese, or yogurt.
 – Take your prenatal pill at bedtime or between meals, is best.
Possible vitamin and minerals discomforts:
– Constipation
– Stomach sickness
– Diarrhea
IF you  have any discomforts, or if you fall and feel pain or something that you seriously know and listen to your body. Contact your health care provider.
At appointments take to your health care provider about your discomforts. Your provider can help find a prenatal vitamin and mineral that works best for you.
I know it can be a challenge to remember to take your daily pills.
So write this down and  Take Action.
This is posted on my mirror to remember.
 My plan to take my prenatal vitamins and minerals:
I will take my prenatal pill at this time ______
I will remember to take my prenatal pill each day by ____
I will keep my pills safe from children by ______
If my pill make me feel uncomfortable, I will contact ____
When I run our of prenatal pills, I will ______
Remember Prenatal are important for the growth and development of your baby.
Renetta Artmont
prenatal pills