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3 Tips to Prevent Inquiry When Losing Weight

One thing that may come to mind, especially if you have had a previous injury is , how can I prevent injury or progressing  with a current injury while losing weight or building your body.With some simple Small steps you can reduce the risk of injuries , decrease the up and down movement of the body and lesson the amount of energy absorbed at the hip, knees and ankles.
If a person is overweight by more than 80 pounds, please take these Pre-cautions more serious and  you can benefit tremendously by applying these steps.

Avoid Injuries on your Weight Lost or Body Building JourneyStep One:

Make Small Changes!

Yes to jump in and cut the weight and muscles sounds like it is the way to get going and get to your best body. However, jumping into it is a high risk for getting injured. As your body has to adjust and  is still getting accustomed to the new muscles being used. Especially if you are not a regular exerciser or have not been a sports or active person in the past. And/or have put on tons of  weight like 50 + weight gain from being pregnant or possibly going through a depression where you lost control.

Don’t just jump into it. Listen to your body, work on on your mindset   and work your way up to beast mode.

Research shows that people who make small, Permanent changes in their food choices and physical activity each week lose significantly more belly fat and reduce the risk for injuries, over those who simply diet and or just work out.

This is because small changes lead to healthy behaviors that last.

Step 2:


did you stretch today

It’s easy to forget to stretch. It’s often overlooked because the results are not as visible as lifting, running, boxing and squatting or so you thought.

Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy, and we need that flexibility to maintain a range of motion in the joints. Without it, the muscles shorten and become tight. This is what causes an injury.

Not only can stretching reduce injury, but it can help your posture, help send oxygen to the brain helping you think clearer. It helps you body feel good, because of the circulation and better blood flow.

Stretching also, loosens up the joints, creating a leaner physique!

Lastly, if applied to your life

Step Three:

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Numerous studies have shown that when people are better rested, they are less likely to get injured from physical fitness and they are less likely to gain unwanted weight. A Canadian study found that people who averaged 7 to 8 h ours of sleep a night were 35 percent less likely to gain more than 10 pounds than those that only slept 5 to 6 hours a night. The sleepy heads also had nearly 60 percent more fat around their middle.

Don’t Believe the Hype if you sleep less you are a better hustler or doing something better than those that get a good 7 hour night sleep.

You need proper rest to restore and align your mind body and spirit.

Don’t skip regular sleeping well !

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One Meal a Day Challenge

The assumption you must eat at least three meals a day just might be misguided. If you dislike eating breakfast and rarely find time for lunch at work, a one-meal policy makes outward sense – after all you still get to eat heartily late in the day, reducing three or more time-wasting rituals to a feast with possible weight-loss benefits.

One of the most visible practitioners of the one-meal diet, who started eating one meal a day while a stay-at-home dad in 2011.

“Being the full-time carer to four kids under six years old is demanding and stressful, and being around food all day makes comfort eating all too easy. I felt fat and miserable and it was affecting my relationship with my wife and kids. I knew I had to take control of my eating so I decided to give the diet a try. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made,” says Fowler.

Eating one meal a day can really help you achieve your weight loss goals and maintain your ideal weight. It’s not a starvation diet (you still eat your recommended calories for weight loss), you just eat during one time a day instead of throughout the day. While weight loss is one of the main benefits of this way of eating, there are many more.

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