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Color Therapy for Depression

Due to the side effects that come with standard  interventions like medication or pharmaceutical for depression, it is unsurprising that many people look for alternative therapies.

There are tons of natural treatments based on music and on storytelling.

Taking Therapy can be one-on-one or in a group, with or without family members present. One of the more interested alternative therapies available is that of color therapy.

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Developed over several decades in the later part of the twentieth century, color therapy for depression and no even specifically for postpartum depression on the principle that exposure to certain colors  causes changes in our moods,

That exposure, can alter emotional state at will.

Color therapy is conducted by a trained specialist and can be performed a here from several times a week to a few times a month, or even in one’s own home using a coloring pages

According to psy web, the different colors used to evoke positive emotional responses generally include orange, blue, indigo, and violet. Others colors like red or yellow also trigger emotions, but those tend to be higher energy feelings.

  • Orange – Symbolizing the sun, the color orange is said to treat depression by increasing alertness and concentration, and by decreasing feelings of dread.
  • Blue – The most common color used in color therapy, blue is used to reduce tension throughout the body, helping
  • g with both anxiety and depression. It may also benefit a regular sleep cycle.
  • Indigo – The calming effect of indigo makes it a good choice for people with depression or anxiety.
  • Violet – Like indigo, violet relaxes the mind and body. Proponents of color therapy claim that it can relax muscles and encourage meditation.


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