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Creator of the Brand Renetta Artmont. Mother of 2 boys. One an Angel and the other just born in 2016. She is a Artist, Yogi, Entrepreneur.  Whom is a Advocate for various charities which solely revolve around helping children with cancer. Some of her contributions go to American Cancer Society, and Alex’s Lemonade Stand.

Its been 14 years since she had a pregnancy and going through the journey of Motherhood.

Renetta believes all women are Queens, especially those that have the cherished identity in Motherhood and strong women that go through pregnancy. Pregnancy and Motherhood moments are a beautiful thing that should be enjoyed and cherished.

Ahh Joyful Journey is a series of Renetta’s personal Ahh Joyful journey of being pregnant and in Motherhood. Renetta is seeking to connect with other Mothers and Parents that too can relate in their own personal Ahh Joyful Journey through cherishing the time with our babies, and overcome the postpartum depression that the majority get hit with.As Mothers, we sometimes don’t realize how quickly time flies after having your baby. This may cause us some distress, especially for New Moms. However, having your baby is the biggest blessing, and shift in a woman’s life. With everyday life still going on, we just want most to cherish the the special Once in a Lifetime Moments and Memories. We, Mothers are adorned to have those memories from Heaven above. Our babies are our everything and our life now revolves around those precious beings.

The Lifestyle Brand that unites Mothers and Parents in assistance to equip Parents with information, inspiration, products and therapy in your own personal ahh Joyful Journey in Parenthood. 
The Ahh Joyful Journey Mission is to Help New Mothers and Parents, Overcome the easily overlooked Post-part um re journey in your new found lives.
We want to equip parents in cherishing their own personal ahh joyful journey in parenthood.

We as Mothers all go through it, why not enjoy the journey together, learn from each other and share wonderful resources, tips, goals and more that We as women use, while mothering  of beautiful children.


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