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The Difference between Facebook Stories and Facebook “Day”

Many people don’t even know these functions exist.

However, there is a awesome feature that contains your posts, (not a regular timeline post) that you can choose from your camera roll.

Just click the little camera icon in the Top Left Corner on your Facebook News feed, which will open the option to create a story.

There is another called “your day” which you can use through messenger.

The Story will play for 24 hours.

The Day for 12 hours.

It Won’t stay on your Timeline or in your photo album on Facebook.c

If you are familiar with the Partner Company, The Story on Facebook is similar to The Instagram Feature “My Story.”

Facebook St

To Start a Facebook Story:

  1. Go to your News feed

2. Click the little Camera, where the first arrow is.

3. Then it will open to:


Where you can take a photo, video, post a picture from your camera roll.

And or use a awesome filter!


Next. Facebook “My Day”


Facebook -My Day-


  1. Go to your messages or messenger on your smartphone Facebook app.
  2. Click: Add to your Day.
  3. Same apply, you can upload from your camera roll, write on your picture and cool automatic text fonts and borders will show up.


Those are the difference between Facebook “Your Story” and Facebook “My Day”

I hope you find these tips helpful and start using the fun and excellent Features.



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