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Modern Day Pregnancy Views

“16 and Pregnant?????” 

Media like this is truly detrimental to our society. In my honest opinion, I can’t stand tv shows, marketing and exposure of promoting to young people, what is truly not ok.

Why  are programs like 16 and pregnant socially acceptable, why is this allowed to be promoted to our teenagers, which are actually still children! Regardless of how they look, or carry their selves, or even think they know what they truly want in life, they aren’t fully developed into adults. 

For some that know a bit about my story, they may think I sound a bit hypocritical.  Yes I was 16 years old when I had my first son, but the difference was I did not think it was socially acceptable nor did I have the desire to want a child at such a young age. I did not think 16 and pregnant was a pretty picture or a shot at being famous. I was a child, living with my parents, playing sports in high school, in 10th grade, into fashion and friends.

Ok so yes I did have sex, but no I was not regularly sexual active, nor was that the priority on my mind. I was exploring my body, like most teenagers. There is no excuse but I think you can distinguish the differences of a”opps” from losing virginity and I really want a baby because they are so cute.

beach life me and pop Because I had no knowledge of my teenage body or the changes that would occur during pregnancy, I didn’t become aware of my pregnancy until I was ending my 2nd trimester and headed into my 3rd. So again, a very rare and miracle type of situation and Chapter in my life.

Today our 16 year olds look like they are 21 years old. However, if you think of who their parents are, which are mostly people in their early to mid 30s. So just imagine the image “Kids raising Kids.” Young parents are even asking for grand-babies and find their-selves grandparents before 40, mind blowing isn’t it?

A Movie I was recently watching, struck my nerve and confirmed further my strong disagreement toward the worlds views on this matter.

A teenager played a role and said to some older men ” Let’s party some babies into us.” Really?? Wow!

This is acceptable Today?

This is humor Today?

This is the World today and honestly I DO NOT Agree, won’t, can’t and will not get on board with what is socially acceptable.

Especially in the  targeted  young viewers for the Leading focused Media & Entertainment Industry.

Ultimately this can  manifestation of these young peoples reality. No No NO.

change the world not diapers.PNG

What happened to Childish worries,  What Extracurricular Activity you are Signing up for? What your home-girl(s)  are doing over the weekend?, What college You want to attend?, or new skill you want to develop?

What happened to Discovery of self  becoming into a Woman? .. Before bringing life into the world?  Now I can’t Say that these young girls are non-existent, however I am saying its far and wide.

I can’t remember anyone just walking around  my age with a child. If they had one no one knew or they moved away.  I feel that to many  especially young girls follow the crowd in the awkward  teenage stage. However that is why us Parents, have to develop Leaders, not Followers, although you may have to love a Follower. You also need to be sure you as a parent do your part. 🙂

I have had many instances and occurrences of making general conversation with young girls.

I’m more or less completely shocked at some of the things that come our of their mouth so boldly and without much care. I believe Social Media and the Convenience – Rich Fame Baby is a Trend Generation has a huge impact on why the younger generation is so sexually driven.

Sadly too many lacking goals and direction! Too Many Lack the proper guidance or parenting as well. But that is a very touchy subject, so lets back out of that. 🙂

Experts and statistics  prove result of our teenagers ( 16-19 years old.)

Fame is desire more than Academic Achievement, exploring Feelings of Pleasure are higher on their Priority  list, than having discovery of something new.

I could really go on and on, but I’ll  stop there.

If this post reaches, just one young person thinking a child is their best option in life.

I hope this post can help Change your Decision.

young girl crowned.jpg

Young Girls, You are Innocent  and Beautiful and you have a Whole Life of

Infinite Possibilities !

Having a Baby is not a achievement at your age. The likelihood of  being a Single Mother is high and honestly is not fun, nor will it build your self-esteem.

Not fun, nor do you deserve, even the possibility of having to experience Parenting and Motherhood without the Father actively in the Child’s life.

The experts have done Testing and the Statistics are 93% of Young Couples of 16 years old Do NOT get married nor do they stay together long, after getting pregnant!

Don’t worry about what you don’t have to worry about.

Go seek your Dreams, Find Who you are, Who God intended you to me. Explore Life. Discover Yourself. Don’t rush into a Life you Won’t Truly be happy or fully satisfied with with in the end. Although, babies are very cute and can be fun and surround you in love.  They also are a huge responsibility that you truly should not be ready for.

Go to College, Travel the World, do some interesting intern work, create something.

Give that special one Time to find You that Agrees to Career  or Experience of Life, a better priority then later  build a family Together like You Deserve.

God’s Best for you Life.

Don’t cheat yourself or forget that.


Renetta Artmont

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