The Beginning of the Pregnancy Journey, Uncategorized

The beginning thoughts of the Journey

The exact day i found out I was pregnant.
I was 29 years old, a struggling business owner of a 2nd year entertainment company, was on the odds with my family. My life was in shambles what it appeared to be.
But when I read those 2 pink lines, a quick sigh of ahhh came out, but suddenly I was actually really really happy about first found out.jpg
Despite what my outward life appeared to look like. For one of the first times in my life and for a long time, I was happy with my decisions and most importantly with my partner.
I knew after years of toxic relationships, trusting and believing God’s best for me, there was only one man that would be able to remove all my barriers and help me to see what True love was like again.
Which leads me back to today.
My First love and Father of our Late son Anthony Jevone. .
Poppii, the nickname I called him, past from Neuroblastoma Cancer in October 2008. Since then I have never ever felt Love the same.
But March, 25, 2017, a new love was being created and ready to be birthed.
Ahh ( Sigh of happiness) …What a Joyful Journey. this will be.
My first pregnancy was of the age of 16, so the circumstances and position of life was totally different. I was young, extremely scared and ignored my body until 7 months. Yes sounds, like I was the negligent person and  for years I blamed myself for my babies health issues. However I had to constantly remind myself, I was 16 years old, I was a child, kid myself. Really! Also, after research and plenty of study, doctors victory reports, prayer, healing and restoration. I allowed that to be released from me.
God does everything for a reason.
Now as a grown woman 29 years old. I know the experience will be different and even more joyful..your wings are ready.jpg
This was the day that all of the thoughts of “I’m pregnant” sunk in.
I was happy completely happy today, nothing could bother me.
I was more inspired, visualizing clearer.
 Life would be more than just me, again.
Something I wasn’t sure I was worthy of feeling again, due to all of the pain from my first son’s passing.
Joy is definitely on its way. a little bundle of joy.
My body is changing, I’m thirstier, not so much hunger and not at all nauseous.
I’m most joyed for me and my best friend, Father of my children. We both have had some struggles on our journey, but Joy has popped in to lighten the way in life and allow us more love and joy beyond words.2 pink lines.JPG
It’s time ! yay!
God has a funny way of showing up, in his timing, not in ours.
X0xO ….
Renetta Artmont
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Enjoy the Joyful Journey with us.

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